So last year my big Christmas present from my hubby was a Daschund puppy. I’ve always had big dogs, so I admit I wasn’t so thrilled about owning a weiner dog! Well, he really is such a cute little dog! Needless to say, I fell in love with him. He really has become my service dog. Because of him, even on my worst days I now get out of bed! In order to get his little ID card and vest saying he’s a service dog, most places require an expensive test, paying high prices for those known markers, and you have to retest every few years. Legally, I only have to provide a letter from one of my healthcare providers stating that I require a service animal, and as long as he behaves he can go anywhere with me!
Back in October when I was doing my time in the hospital, all I said to the nurses was that my husband would be bringing my dog up for a visit that evening and that he’s my service dog. He’s been to grocery stores, the pharmacy, nursing homes and such with me without incident. By the way, I am on full federal disability and I’m in the bottom 10th percentile below the federal poverty level. So I haven’t paid any money for some stupid card and vest anouncing that this otherwise healthy LOOKING gal needs a service dog. If people ask, I will tell them he is my S.D. and he’s working. And no, I have never paid anyone to train him, just us working with him.

Well, yesterday I had an episode with my SVT. I nearly passsed out while putting away dishes, but was able to sit down on the floor fast enough that I didn’t fall over and really hurt myself. Needless to say, when I called my doctors office about what was going on, they told me to come right in!

I was seen IMMEADIATLY by the head doctor, the P.A., the N.P. and about 3 nurses! EKG and some vital signs and DING DING DING DING! WE HAVE A WINNER FOLKS! Classic SVT! The doc decided that the dose of the beta blocker my regular doc put me on was a fairly small dose, so he instructed me to double it. Once in the am, once in the pm. He also instructed me to start aspirin therapy because the prolonged type of episodes I have can often lead to a blood clot.

I went back in this afternoon for a quick recheck, vitals were normal, I was feeling pretty normal for the day after, so I scheduled the next recheck for monday.

When I got home, I grabbed some food, and a glass of juice and sat at my computer to further explore this very new world of blogging. After some time I started to feel tired, but that’s no big deal for late afternoons for me. Next thing I know, everything goes black, and I couldn’t hear the tv anymore. I was roused by my dog licking my face, pawing at me and whinning. I felt very sick to my stomach. So off I went stumbling down the hall to bow to the porcelin god. Thank God for walls! I slumped every so gracefully before that alter and, well…you know. There was my dog right beside me. After a minute or two, I had to lay down because everything was starting to go black again. My dog was licking my face as I was fading in and out. Next thing I knew, he took off down the hall barking, but he came right back. He brought me the phone! Now he has never been trained for this, never done anything like this before. In fact, he usually barks like crazy when the phone rings, and he tries to hide it to make it go away! Well, I was able to call my husband for him to come right home (he only works a few miles down the highway). I was also able to call my best have her in the line untill my husband arrieved home. The whole time my dog would sit in the doorway of the bathroom, come lick me, sit in the doorway, run to the front door and bark when a car went past. My dog even curled up next to my head where I could pet him and give him tons of kisses. (he usually won’t come within my reach in the bathroom because he knows its where he gets bathed) When my husband came home, he ran out there barking and hearding him down the hall. No training for this at all!

So I have quite an amazing dog if you ask me! So why would I pay all that money these people want to scam from me so that other people can see what he’s able to do? I may be young, reckless, and Polish, but I’m not stupid! I want to see someone try to tell me my dog isn’t truely a service dog!

And in case you were wondering why I didn’t call 911 for an ambulance…the front and back doors were both locked. And the Christmas tree is actually too close to the door for them to be able to get everything inside with out taking out most of the tree (some of the ornaments can’t be replaced) not that if I were in serious danger of dying would I let that stop me from calling them! And they are unable to manuiver the stretcher inside my house by the back door. I would have had to walk outside. Besides, I had my best friend on the phone with me, remember? And I knew what caused it. So I felt pretty safe to chill for a minute on the bathroom floor talking to my amazing friend and cuddling and praising my wonder dog!


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