I have the Health Insurance Blues…

So back in October my secondary insurance carrier dropped me, while I was in the hospital. I was discharged from a local hospital the day my coverage ended, my SECONDARY insurance, not primary. Both cover inpatient hospital everything.

It took me 3 months of fighting with them to get my secondary health insurance reinstated. That took effect February 1, 2013, although I didn’t actually receive a notice that my insurance was reinstated until around the third week of the month. The following week I received 4 more envelops talking about my health insurance, how they came to their decision and all that stuff. Each envelope stated, “please complete and return enclosed forms, if any”. There were NO forms in any of the four envelops they sent me.

So I opened my mail today from my insurance provider. It states that my coverage has been denied as of April 1, 2013 through indefinite. Reason: I didn’t provide the information requested.

Really? What information did they request when I had no forms to fill out?!?! So now tomorrow I will have to call the person that handles my claims to figure out what information they need. I’m sure I will have to argue with her. She will swear up and down she sent me forms. I will, if needed, drive the 45 minutes to her office to show her exactly what she mailed me.

I HATE HEALTH INSURANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can’t doctors and stuff just charge reasonable rates, and charge the same thing to every patient. Why can’t everyone just be provided with health insurance. Where you can’t be denied, or dropped. This is getting out of control!

I received a bill from my last visit to the emergency room. They charged my insurance $300 for a syringe. I get them from the pharmacy to give myself shots of my non narcotic pain medicine for migraines. They charged me $0.25 each. No insurance. Same brand, same size. Oh, in the ER they didn’t use a needle because they used the lure lock to put it right into my IV line. The ones I get from the pharmacy have the needle. So I got a way better deal! I got more for an insanely lower price!

I’m so sick of insurance. Just make it work America!