Lonely Days, Lonely Nights

Yes, I’m in my 30’s and yes I willingly like The BeeGee’s.

Anywho! I still haven’t been to sleep since yesterday morning when I woke up at 7:15 AM. That was minutes over 24 hours ago.

My inability to sleep had nothing to do with hypo-mania, depression, or anxiety. It had to do with pain. Legit pain, not this bullshit fakie fibro pain. (And don’t you start jumping down my throat here! I know fibro pain is real pain! I just call it fakie pain because it isn’t from injury or anything. So therefore it’s fakie pain!)

And to think, my new dentist was telling me he was going to send me home with Motrin! Please! I eat that shit like Flintstones Vitamins! Or Twizzlers, or Whoppers….mmmmm yummy! Yeah, he was going to send a patient with fibromyalgia, who is under the care of three neurologists, one of whom is at pain management, home with Motrin after pulling out a tooth. Did I tell you guys about that?

If not, long story short; went in for fillings, he decided he was going to pull a tooth because it had a cyst next to the root that was trying to drain out a hole drilled in my jaw by my oral surgeon this past summer. He tried to just numb me right around the tooth. He started to push and pull on it to break it free, yeah I wasn’t numb, felt it all. So he did a nerve block. He came back and I told him only my cheek was numb, still had full feeling in my tongue and my back gums. He said I was more than numb, so he pushed pulled, tore the ligaments holding it in place, then pulled it out. I WASN’T NUMB AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!


The only part of me touching the chair was the back of my head, my hands, and my feet pushing up. I broke one of the arms on the dental chair. AND HE WAS STILL GOING TO SEND ME HOME WITH MOTRIN!

Thank God my hygienist wasn’t a complete idiot! She asked what my pain rescue protocol is. I informed her I only have a non narcotic plan for migraines at this point. She called my pain management doctor. They sent me home with a prescription for some serious heavy duty narcotics.

Well, I’m not really in pain pain, but I’m still very uncomfortable. And my GERD is being God awful as well. I can’t even lean back with out it making it feel like I have lava trying to come up my esophagus. So, I didn’t sleep.

I hope I can here shortly, because I’m exhausted! But first I have to run to the store and get some cans of cat food and set the live trap in the crawl space under my office/bedroom. I have a couple of cats in heat chilling under there!

Everyone have a safe and wonderful Thursday! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!